Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OSB Project Structure

I am doing some development with Oracle Service Bus (OSB). The primary goal is to mediate web services using OSB. Oracle does provide set of eclipse plugins to develop OSB configuration - OEPE suite. One of question that I wanted answer was what will be a good project structure to organize various components of OSB configuration.

Typically, OEPE plugins gives two eclipse project templates:

  • Oracle Service Bus Configuration Project
  • Oracle Service Bus Project

OSB Config project is the top level project which can include various OSB Project. A minimal OSB project includes components like business service, proxy service and WSDL. It is important to come up with a good project structure since the component shows up as is on sbconsole. You probably don't want to see all the components at same level.

After this exercise, I ended up with following structure of the project that I wanted to share. So here it is,

The top level project - OSB Config Project - represents a business domain. So OSB configuration of all services serving a particular domain goes under that umbrella. Individual OSB Project contains mediation component for a given physical service. I used folders to group business and proxy services to allow for multiple proxy services for a given business service. Using this structure it becomes easy to manage configuration using sbconsole.

I ended up using the ant build script and import/export WLST script by tweaking the ones given as part of this book - The definitive guide to SOA. The build script can export configuration from local server or workspace. Import deploys it to the target server. The import/export script also takes care of variables that changes from environment to environment. OSB has a features to create customization XMLs. You can create customization XML per environment and run it post configuration package deployment.

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